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And the duke shall put my sonne William and his men thatare of that honour in full possession and seizine of all the lands,boroughs and rents, which the duke thereof now hath in his demaine,and namelie of those that belong to the honour of the earle Warren,[Sidenote: The castels of Bellencumber and Mortimer.] and namelieof the castels of Bellencumber and Mortimer, so that Reginald deWarren shall haue the kéeping of the same castels of Bellencumber,and of Mortimer, if he will; and therevpon shall giue pledges tothe duke: and if he will not haue the keeping of those castels,then other liege of men of the said erle Warren, whom it shallplease the duke to appoint, shall be sure pledges and good suertiekeepe the said castels.Moreouer, the duke shall deliuer vnto him according to my will andpleasure the other castels, [Sidenote: The erledome of Mortaigne.]which belong vnto the earledome of Mortaigne by safe custodie andpledges, so soone as he conuenientlie may, so as all the pledgesare to be restored vnto my sonne free, so soone as the duke shallhaue the realme of England in possession. The augmentation alsowhich I haue giuen vnto my sonne William, he hath likewise grantedthe same to him; [Sidenote: Norwich. ] to wit, the castell andtowne of Norwich, with seauen hundred pounds in lands, so as therents of Norwich be accounted as parcell of the same seauen hundredpounds in lands, and all the countie of Norfolke; the profits andrents which belong to churches, bishops, abbats & earles excepted;[Sidenote: Hugh Bigot] and the third pennie whereof Hugh Bigot isearle, also excepted: sauing also and reseruing the kings roialliurisdiction for administration of iustice. Also the more tostrengthen my fauour and loue to himwards, [Sidenote: Richer deEgle.] the duke hath giuen and granted vnto my said sonnewhatsoeuer Richer de Aquila hath of the honour of Peuensey. Andmoreouer the castell and towne of Peuensey, and the seruice ofFaremouth, beside the castell and towne of Douer, and whatsoeuerapperteineth to the honour of Douer.[Sidenote: The church of Feuersham.] The duke hath also confirmedthe church of Feuersham with the appurtenances; and all otherthings giuen or restored by me vnto other churches, he shallconfirme by the counsell and aduice of holie church and of me. Theearles and barons that belong to the duke, which were neuer myleeges, for the honour which I haue done to their master, they hauenow doone homage and sworne fealtie to me, the couenants betwixt me& the said duke alwaies saued. The other which had before doonehomage to me, haue sworne fealtie to me as to their souereignelord. And if the duke should breake and go from the premisses, thenare they altogither to ceasse from dooing him any seruice, till hereforme his misdooings. And my sonne also is to constreine himthereto, according to the aduice of holie church, if the duke shallchance to go from the couenants afore mentioned. My earles andbarons also haue doone their leege and homage vnto the duke, sauingtheir faith to me so long as I liue, and shall hold the kingdomewith like condition, that if I doo breake and go from the premittedcouenants, that then they may ceasse from dooing me any seruice,till the time I haue reformed that which I haue doone amisse.The citizens also of cities, and those persons that dwell incastels, which I haue in my demaine, by my commandement haue doonehomage, and made assurance to the duke, sauing the fealtie whichthey owe to me during my life time, and so long as I shall hold thekingdome. [Sidenote: Wallingford castell.] They which keep thecastle of Wallingford haue doone their homage to me, and haue giuento me pledges for the observing of their fealtie. And I haue madevnto the duke such assurance of the castels and strengths which Ihold by the counsell and aduice of holie church, that when I shalldepart this life, the duke thereby may not run into any losse orimpeachment, whereby to be debarred from the kingdome. [Sidenote:The tower of London. Mota de Windsor.] The tower of London, and thefortresse of Windsor, by the counsell and aduice of holie churchare deliuered vnto the lord Richard de Lucie, [Sidenote: Richard deLucie.] safelie to be kept, which Richard hath taken an oth, andhath deliuered his sonne in pledge to remaine in the hands andcustodie of the archbishop of Canturburie, that after my decease heshall deliuer the same castels vnto the duke. Likewise by thecounsell and aduise of holie church, [Sidenote: Mota de Oxford.]Roger de Bussey keepeth the castell of Oxford, and Jordaine deBussey the castell of Lincolne, which Roger & Jordaine haue sworne,and thereof haue deliuered pledges into the hands of thearchbishop, that if I shall chance to leaue this life, they shalrender the same castels to the duke without impeachment. [Sidenote:The bishop of Winchester.] The bishop of Winchester hath also giuenhis faith in the hands of the archbishop of Canturburie, that if Ichance to depart this life, he shall render vp vnto the duke thecastels of Winchester, and the fortresse of Hampton.And if any of them, vnto whom the custodie of these fortressesshall be committed, fortune to die, or otherwise to depart fromhis charge, an other shall be appointed to the keeping of thesame fortresse, before he shall depart foorth thereof, by thecounsell and aduice of holie church. And if any of those personsthat haue any castels or fortresses belonging to me in theircustodie shall be found disobedient and rebell, I and the dukeshall constreine him to satisfie our will & pleasure, not leauinghim in rest till he be so constreined. The archbishops andbishops of the realme of England, and the abbats also, haue by mycommandement sworne fealtie vnto the duke; and the bishops andabbats that hereafter shall be made and aduanced here within therealme of England shall likewise sweare fealtie to him. Thearchbishops also and bishops on either part, haue vndertaken,that if either of vs shall go from the foresaid couenants, theyshall so long chastise the partie offending with theecclesiastical censures, till he reforme his fault, and returneto fulfill and obserue the said couenants. The mother also of theduke, and his wife, and his brethren, & subjects whom he mayprocure, shall likewise assure the premisses.In matters belonging to the state of the realme, I shall worke bythe dukes aduice. And through all the realme of England, as wellin that part which belongeth to the duke, as in that whichbelongeth to me, I shall see that roiall iustice be executed.These beeing witnesses, Theobald archbishop of Canturburie, Hen.of Winchester, Robert of Excester, Rob. of Bath, Goceline ofSalisburie, Robert of Lincolne, Hilarie of Cicester, William ofNorwich, Richard of London, Migell of Elie, Gilbert of Hereford,John of Worcester, Walter of Chester, Walter of Rochester,Geffrey of S. Asaph, Bishops: Robert prior of Bermondsey, Othonknight of the temple, William earle of Cicester, Robert earle ofLeicester, William earle of Glocester, Renold of Cornewall,Baldwin de Toning, Roger de Hereford, Hugh Bigot, Patrike deSalisburie, William de Albemarle, Earle Alberike, Roger Clare,Richard erle of Pembroke, Richard de Lucie, William Martell,Richard de Humer, Reginald de Warren, Mahaser Biset, John dePort, Richard de Cameuille, Henrie de Essex. Geuen atWestminster.
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